Molds are very common in a house. They specially grow in places with a lot of moisture like leaky roof or pipes. Molds are usually seeming harmless but Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of USA shows in a report that excessive exposure to mold-contaminated materials can make us sick. Especially allergy and asthma patients are vulnerable to this. The most common health problem causes from mold is allergic reaction. Other health issues cause from house mold are throat, eye or skin irritation, nasal stuffiness, cough and sneezing. High amount of molds and prolong exposure to it is harmful for anyone. But persons with weak immune system are much more sensitive to mold. They can have serious respiratory problems. Furthermore, molds help microbe and bacteria to grow that are harmful for our health.
Molds are found everywhere and we are exposed to it every single day. Outdoor molds are important for nature. But at home we shouldn’t let the molds grow as we already know that it can cause serious health problems. Damp places are most suitable for molds to grow. To get rid from it first we need to reduce moisture at places like kitchen, toilet and basements of our home. If there are already molds grown it must be cleaned up. Any corner of the house shouldn’t be left wet for a long period of time because it can cause dampness. Any leakage on the rooftop or wall should get fixed. Using exhaust fan in kitchen, moving furniture from wall corners and let the airflow circulate all over our house will help.